Press Release: Policy Brief on Green Technologies and Critical Raw Materials now available

Today, I presented and discussed my new study on „Green Technologies and Critical Raw Materials“ on an Expert Round Table which the German research institute ‚Öko-Institut e.V.‘ has prepared on my behalf.

The study challenges the key premises of the Commission’s Strategy on the critical raw materials (CRMs). Namely, the Commission’s assertion that the increasing demand for CRM is driven by the Green transition. Other sectors, such as defence, digital or aerospace are also responsible. Furthermore, the study found that the Commission’s estimates for future demand of CRMs could be significantly exaggerated. While policy makers face growing pressure to expand mining for CRM within the EU, the study examines the potential to flatten the demand with more sustainable measures.

The policy brief can be read here: Policy_Paper_Greens_EU_20210614

For further questions, please feel free to contact me or my team.

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