Press Release: MEP Henrike Hahn on New European Bauhaus

MEP Henrike Hahn, deputy leader of the German delegation of Bündnis 90/Die Grünen and substitute member of the Committee on Budgets, comments:

“Energy efficiency, the reduction of energy demand and a massive push for renewable energy is more important than ever in a geopolitical sense after Putin's attack of the Ukraine.

The New European Bauhaus should accelerate the green transition in economic sectors such as the construction industry in order to give all citizens access to circular and less CO2-intensive goods. In particular, the energy-saving renovation of the building stock and infrastructure have to be prioritized.

The green transition in the building sector is central to the Green Deal which accounts for 40% of the EU's energy demand and 36% of CO2 emissions. If we want to achieve our climate goals and become independent geopolitically, we urgently need to focus on the energy efficiency of our buildings as one important part of the puzzle.“

My team and I are at your disposal in case of further questions.

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