Press release: Henrike Hahn MEP on the European Strategy for Hydrogen

Bavarian MEP Henrike Hahn (The Greens/EFA), Member of the Industry Committee and a shadow rapporteur on the own Initiative Report on the European strategy for critical raw materials, comments on the plenary vote on the European Strategy for Hydrogen:

“Only hydrogen from renewable energy shall be promoted at EU level. Only renewable hydrogen can genuinely contribute to climate neutrality and should be supported by EU taxpayers. Supporting other types of hydrogen which rely on fossil fuels or even coal is not compatible with EU climate and Green Deal goals.

As Greens, we cannot support demands for financial and regulatory support for so-called “low carbon hydrogen”, claiming its need for a transition period.

A successful decarbonisation of the industry will be close to impossible without green hydrogen. But for green hydrogen we need the parallel strong push of renewable energies in times of sufficient wind and sun to realize that.“

My team and I are at your disposal for further information.

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