Press release: EP ITRE committee on SMEs – enabling SMEs green transition

Today the EU Parliament ITRE committee has adopted the report „A new strategy for European SMEs“, as a response to the EU Commission SME Communication released last March.

In my role as the Greens/EFA shadow rapporteur, my comment on this report is as follows:

„From the storekeeper, to the maintenance person, or the small factory owner: every small business man and woman can profit from the green transition making our economy sustainable and resilient. The report that has adopted today urges the Commission and Member States to enable small businesses to do so. It calls for locally rooted networks of advisors informing and training small company owners, managers and workers about sustainable processes, products and services; in addition, the report makes a clear call for the removal of all barriers preventing SMEs from adopting green business models. Improving the conditions for men and women to found, manage and work within European SMEs is as important and urgent as enabling people to successfully face the ongoing ecological business transformation.“

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