Invitation: Expert Round Table “Critical Raw Materials Strategy: A Green Perspective“ on June 15th, 16.00-17.30

I cordially invite you to an Expert Round Table on „Critical Raw Materials Strategy: A Green Perspective“ next Tuesday, 15th June from 16.00 to 17.30.

The Öko-Institut e.V. will present a policy brief on Critical Raw Materials, that I had commissioned, discussing what political measures and instruments could reduce future demand for Critical Raw Materials (CRM).

Critical Raw Materials can be substituted with green alternatives, natural or synthetic. This would reduce the pressure to expand mining activities, which are potentially harmful to the environment. There are also factors besides the green transition that contribute to the increasing demand for Critical Raw Materials and we will discuss these factors in-depth. The EU Commission has published a list of relevant raw materials and we will analyse what CRM on the list are truly required for the green transition. In these discussions we will also factor in the job potential in the mining and raw materials sector.

The round table will be a high-level expert group with Dr. Matthias Buchert and Peter Dolega, Öko-Insititut e.V.; Peter Handley, Head of Unit DG GROW – Energy Intensive Industries and Raw Materials, EU Commission; Meadhbh Bolger, Friends of the Earth Europe, Chris Heron, Director for Communications and Public Affairs, Eurometaux and myself.

You can find the agenda in the sharepic below and the possibility to register >> here.

Please note: The event will be translated into German.

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